Policy Research & Analysis

Community Investments is committed to comprehensive planning and research to support project development, design and implementation.

Economic Development Chapter of Randolph Town Plan

Under contract to Green Mountain Economic Development Corporation, CI assisted in developing the new economic development chapter through a series of community meetings nad interviews with local and regional businesses, community leaders and elected and appointed officials. The work has led to creation of an Economic Development Commission in the town and concerted efforts to greater coordination among all entities that work on economic development for the community.

Lebanon, NH

CI assisted Economic and Policy Resources of Vermont, in their contract with Lebanon NH, to determine the cost of City services.  This work was being done in an effort to assess the need for a proposed Temporary Growth Management Ordinance. The City needed this information in order to understand the impacts of development, especially the fiscal impacts. With a Cost of Community Services Study, the City intended to gain an understanding of the costs and revenues generated by different land uses to the City. To determine at the macro level the City of Lebanon’s public service costs versus revenues based on current land uses; establish a methodology for the micro level that determines the City’s public service costs versus revenues based on proposed development projects. CI interviewed City staff for EPR.

Island Pond, VT

NCIC received a grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services/Office of Community Service that served as a portion of the funding for development of a woodworkers cooperative in Island Pond VT.  One requirement of the grant was an assessment of the program by an independent contractor.  CI conducted this assessment for NCIC.

Vermont Community Development Program/Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development

CI lead a team of consultants in developing a Grants Management Guide for the Vermont Community Development Program/Community Development Block Grant Program.  The project included a manual, training sessions and a training video.